Tahoe Waffles

Waffles are my ultimate comfort food.

Not Belgian waffles or chocolate waffles or Eggo waffles, but waffles.

How could they not be? Even the word is delicious.

Saturday morning was waffle morning. Daddy would get up and make a double (or triple—or for a season there in high school, quadruple) batch of waffles, filling the iron so full that the batter would overflow in goopy stalactites over the side. It was a consistent problem, but it was done on purpose.

The problem with waffles, of course, is that there are only four squares to a batch. (And we used vintage waffle irons that actually served more than one serving at a time, which you can’t find anymore and often come with fraying cords that occasionally will eventually catch on fire. In other words: priceless.) Continue reading


In Which Butter Is Discussed

This is not a baking blog, I swear.

But it’s a Life Adventure blog, and learning how to to make croissants is definitely a life adventure!

The Fear of Butter

Croissants are made by layering butter and flour. There are a LOT of layers of butter. Just eating a properly-made croissant will coat your fingers in it. But the butter gives the pastry a bad name!

I’m not saying there isn’t a dessert level of butter in croissants. But I am saying that one batch of croissants takes the same amount of butter as a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and about 1/8 of the sugar. Or less. And you get the same number of croissants as cookies (comparing similar portions), so don’t be frightened of them.

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