The Internets Fight Back

So I completely killed my new site. Like, white screen of doom dead. Thankfully I’d kind of backed up my stuff, and I’m back on my way to rebuilding. I now know how to backup things properly and think I understand better how to do things to reduce the possibility of white screens of doom.

Websites are not for sissies guys, seriously. In the meantime, know I’m still working on it.


How to Walk in the Rain

Step 1: Find some rain.
Step 2: Walk in it.

It is essential to get wet once in a while. Bundle up, but don’t stay completely dry. This defeats the purpose. You must get some rain on your face. Your nose must get a little chilled.


Because every once in a while, it is invigorating to be reminded that you do not melt.

Step 3: Dry clothes in front of a cozy heat source.
Step 4: Have tea and cake.

Because full appreciation of heat, tea, and cake can only occur after a walk in the rain.


I am working on a website to bring together my various blogs in an attractive and entertaining atmosphere. And because I don’t want to take a course in HTML and CSS but still want things just so, it’s taking me a few aspirin to MacGyver together solutions based on forum responses to almost-my-problems. I have succeeded in progressive triumphs, and am, as they say, on the brink of success. However, my alarm has gone off for the fourth time, and I’m going out on top for the night. It may take a few more weeks, but I shall prevail.

And all of this snazzy website work will mean more frequent posts, right?


The 12-Minute Walk: Route 2

My absolute favorite walk so far is the journey to Levi’s Plaza on Battery St. where it meets the Embarcadero. I knew I could get there and back in twenty-five minutes.

I love this route because I only have to cross one street with a light (okay, two, but I almost always jaywalk across Sacramento St. because it’s one-way).  I cross into the Embarcadero center, go up two stories (on the stairs!) behind the cinema, then cross over Clay St.

Ho hum, crossing the street…

I then wander through the Marine Plaza block with lovely green enclosures.

Isn't looking up fun?

Isn’t looking up fun?

I then cross over Washington St. to the residential block, and then open up onto Sydney Walton Square, where (evidently) we used to come and picnic with my father when he worked on Beale St.


Tee-Hee…it’s Raisu Palace!

I always giggle when I get to this part because of its close resemblance to the end-level of a computer game my brother and I play.

Then down the stairs, through the pigeons, around everyone napping on the grass, and off down Front St, which used to (shocker) go along the bay. For being the closest parallel to the Embarcadero, it’s very quiet and peaceful, even next to the new Exploratorium on Pier 15.

Where did these trolly tracks go?

Where did these trolly tracks go?

What playful pup played here?

What playful pup played here?

And then I go for half a block along the Embaracdero when I find myself at…


…almost… voila!

…et voila!

You can hear the bubbling water and feel the shady breeze.

Rock hop across the creek! Eat a picnic! Take a nap!

And then it’s hurry, hurry back along the Embarcadero again, peeking at tall-masted sailing vessels.

Gathering like sea-faring birds for the migration of America's Cup.

Gathering like sea-faring birds for the migration of America’s Cup.

Then swinging back in to Front St. to go back to the office.

My building is directly behind Embarcadero One, which is the solid rectangular tower in the middle of the frame.

My building is directly behind Embarcadero One, which is the solid rectangular tower in the middle of the frame.

Of course, I have to stop and show off my camera.

The Pyramid Building zoomed out...

The Pyramid Building zoomed out…

...and zoomed in. Same spot! Same camera!

…and zoomed in. Same spot! Same camera!

But then I whisk myself back to the office before I’m missed.


You see, it only takes me 25 minutes if I don’t take my camera!