About Noël

My shameless and titillating self-promotion location on the internet, for your education and entertainment.

You will first notice my adventure blog, delineating and describing fun places I’ve been jumping into and/or out of, desserts I’ve been baking, and ground I’ve been digging in. This blog is updated every Thursday during lulls in traveling and daily when I am adventuring in foreign (to me) parts.

Don’t forget to check out my other two blogs (handily fed via RSS in the footer below): 7 Chains & 7 Hammers is an ongoing look at sin and virtue (updated every Tuesday). It Comes in Pints! is our roommate ice cream blog, updated as often as possible (my goal was once a week, but that is a lot of eggs and cream to go through every Sunday!).

I hope in the near future to have pages dedicated to one or more serials of reputable fiction, so do stay tuned.

But who am I?

I believe in edible creations, effective communication, and singing silly songs while dancing in the kitchen.

This blog is an outlet for my many postulations, musings, observations, and creations. I love to create with words, and hope in the near future to write, among other things, a book on Roman engineering, a Newberry-medal winning young adult novel about a girl’s relationship with her grandmother, and a Regency romance filled with love, tragedy, and compassion.

I also am considering going into the Chocolate Waffle business. As you can tell, this makes perfect sense when reading the above literary goals; once I become an award-winning author, I will have to disguise myself as a simple confectioner to avoid the hordes of paparazzi.

Seriously. The Giant Pencil.

That was my Official Author Photo taken at the Night of Writing Dangerously in 2011. It was inspired by the gorgeous photo taken of my dear friend Anita King, who has her own worthwhile blog here.