Love/Hate “Challenge”

I accept my friends’ challenge because I can do this instead of my nightly paragraph. Also, “challenge” is in “quotation marks” because it’s the sort of thing I think of all the time ever since Cynthia could always come up with three things she loved/hated at the drop of a slice of orange marmalade cake.

Things I Love

  1. Long sleeps with plot-filled dreams.
  2. Homemade swings.
  3. Iced tea with a straw.
  4. Power drills.
  5. Stick shifts.
  6. Evaluating viscosities by blowing bubbles. Through straws.
  7. Terry Pratchett.
  8. Katie’s chocolate cake.
  9. Watching marshmallows catch fire.
  10. Puns.

Things I Hate

  1. The arrogance of four walls.
  2. The refusal to give an inch.
  3. Dog poo on my shoes.
  4. Cigarette smoke.
  5. When computers decide to eat what you wrote and disappear into the æther* of hated nothingness.
  6. That I’ll never get to join Star Fleet.
  7. The internal struggle over killing mosquitoes.
  8. Children in movie theaters.
  9. The buddy system.
  10. Not being able to take naps every day.

I’m supposed to challenge other people, but I won’t, because that’s so Ponzi, but I highly encourage Anita to do it, because I’m interested in what she has to say, and she’s awesome anyway.

*Oh yeah. I just went with a ligature for a dipthong. Because my typography skills are wild, yo.


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