The Internets Fight Back

So I completely killed my new site. Like, white screen of doom dead. Thankfully I’d kind of backed up my stuff, and I’m back on my way to rebuilding. I now know how to backup things properly and think I understand better how to do things to reduce the possibility of white screens of doom.

Websites are not for sissies guys, seriously. In the meantime, know I’m still working on it.


One thought on “The Internets Fight Back

  1. Sharyn says:

    Eeuw. How I wish I didn’t understand this. Sadly, I’ve done it multiple times.

    The good part is the rebuilding usually turns out better than what you lost (or at least I like to think so!) and it doesn’t take as long the second time around. Or third. Or fourth.

    You have such a great writing style, Noel. I love reading your blog and everything else you write. I especially enjoyed your posts about ice cream and other domestic delights.

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