The 24-Minute Walk: Route 1

I am attempting to get back into the habit of brief mid-day walks, as I promised my uncle I would take them a year and a half ago. I have determined a system that seems manageable: walk 12 minutes in one general direction, then walk 12 minutes back on a similar but not identical route.

This produces a 24-minute walk (a 25-minute walk sounds soooo long), which also seems to be about a mile and a half.

Today I was rewarded with a fabulous view of a Mike Mulligen-esque construction zone at Fremont and Howard and a study of the new SF Bikeshare stop on Beale and Market.

Maybe I should bring my camera… 


4 thoughts on “The 24-Minute Walk: Route 1

  1. Yes! Bring your camera! Though you have painted a very nice picture in my mind… you and all those big earth moving machines. Why, oh why, are you so far away!??!?? I want to walk with you!

  2. Kathleen Daniel says:

    Loved this. When I lived in the City I walked 2 hours a day – different route each day. A terrific time to meditate, reflect on the human condition, get some fresh air, exercise, and thank God for all of our graces.

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