Visions of Mulah, Opus 1

Occasionally I get Grand Ideas. They do not, in fact, start out with imagining great Piles of Money. These little ideas grow and grow and are plucked with the shears of “Wouldn’t it be great to have enough money to do that?”

This is one of those ideas.

The Days of the Week Music Festival

I was arriving at the BART parking lot when (is it Vivaldi’s?) “Spring” from The Four Seasons came on. I was thinking how much I loved music that tried to encapsulate something, especially a period of time, pieces that just screamed out to be included in Disney’s Fantasia.

And then I thought to myself, “What would Monday sound like?”

And then I thought HOW GREAT would it be to have a contest for contemporary classical pieces no longer than twenty minutes that embody a day of the week, submitted through a website to allow all comers in a fair and equitable fashion. Anyone can enter once for each day. Then when the finalists are chosen, I’d throw a week-long festival.

Every night would feature a free (or nominally-charged) two-three hour set of that day’s music. Each performance would be recorded live, available for almost-immediate download (via purchase!). Sunday afternoon would be the finale, with awards and things. Maybe even confetti! Oooh and the whole thing would be livestreamed on the internet.

And a special album of the most-downloaded song for each day would be recorded in studio for the winners, even though each track would still be availble separately. 

I even started thinking about what this would involve, including website developers, corporate liasions with other foundations, publicists, judges, sound technicians, a financial overseer, permits, food vendors, and at least a two-three year schedule with meetings and press releases on official letterheads.

This, ladies and gentlemen, took four minutes from start to finish. That’s when I had to get out of my car and run for my train and think more about breathing than music.

Now, I’m not particularly good at website development, financial management, technical equipment, publicity, or musical evaulation, but I *think* I have strengths in organizing, though it seems my number-one gift remains Having Ideas.

I have them ALL THE TIME. (Check my little black books. They’ll tell you.)

So if you ever know of someone who needs An Idea, let me know.

Ohmygosh and the year after we could do months of the year! And the year after we could do the geological ages! And then the ages of civilization! And the states of the union! And forms of transportation! AHHHHH!


Since I have a deep dark fear of winning the lottery, shall I have to hope for a ridiculously wealthy husband? Shall I summon up the lasting energy to do it the grassroots non-profit way? It would certainly be something I would set up and move on from. That’s what I do. Is there a job for that? (Not that I don’t love my job.)

Which day would be YOUR favorite? What would you call your piece?


One thought on “Visions of Mulah, Opus 1

  1. Sharyn says:

    I like the way you think. I like your Ideas. I have lots of Ideas, too, but yours are particularly delicious.

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