The Spice of Love

I brought in persimmon cookies to work last Friday. There were the normal “mmms” and “thanks!” and then one coworker stopped me in the kitchen, eyes wide.  

“Some love went into these,” he said.

I laughed.

His faced was serious. “No, Noël, you can smell it.”

He closed his eyes, cookie-to-nostrils, and inhaled. He took a bite. I had never seen an honest-to-goodness eyeroll of digestive pleasure before, but now I have.

“These. Are. Amazing. There is love in these cookies.”

I laughed again, and said, “That’s the nutmeg.”

And he went around the cubicles and offices, making sure everyone had tasted on of Noël’s unbelievably amazing persimmon cookies.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, the taste of love is nutmeg.*

*I believe Garrison Keillor commented about this at one point or another, but that would be a lot of transcripts to go through. It would probably save time to make persimmon cookies yourself and taste test my theory.


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