The Day I Tried to Kill My Friends with Botulism

So, when I made the curd last week, I canned it like jam.

Which is to say, I canned it the way my mother cans jam.

Which is to say, I did not give it the good ‘ol 15-20 minute boiling water bath in the canning kettle.

Because 1) I was worried it would curdle the curd. 2) I was being on the lazy side of practical.

Two weeks later, as I’m arranging jars to be wrapped as a bridal shower gift for a dear friend, I noticed something.

The lid was ever-so-slightly domed. And when I pressed it, it did not go down.

I am not so inexperienced as to think the curd is in any way okay. But I had never seen anything go bad in a jar before. So what do I do?

I open it.

It fizzed. It fuzzed. It oozed and popped. It was amazing.

I *almost* tasted it, just to see how it tasted. A very, very intelligent thought followed after, saying “Why don’t you just hold the first thought there and evaluate it again in a few minutes.” Go me having intelligent thoughts that corral the stupid ones!

I opened the second jar, to show K. She suggested I throw it out. And not even try to save the jar. I agreed. Who knew if it is actually the Big Bad B, but why take chances?

But I had to open the third one too, so I could show you.

Bad, Bad Blackberry Curd from furblescout on Vimeo.

Why Louis Pasteur was a genius.

The microphone isn’t that great, but even as you are unscrewing the lid, it sounds like a soda bottle ready to go off. It’s amazing.

I’m rather excited I still have blackberries left in the freezer.

The lemon curd seems to be okay, probably because the acid (and sugar) content is so much higher. I opened a jar, and it seems to not have increased in volume (good sign), still smell like lemon (good sign), and not at all make soda-noises when opened (good sign).

I think, however, I’ll give the glorious bride-to-be and IOU.


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