Tasty Treats Eaten While Walking, Belgium Edition!

Being in Belgium, one must try the French fries. Why? Because Belgium claims to have invented them, of course! Their claim to fame is deep-frying the fries twice. I found them to be average (prefering still our In-N-Out by far). I also stuck with ketchup, because I don’t care how Belgian it is, I’m not putting mayonnaise on my fries. Give me vinegar-soaked tomato puree like a civilized person, thank you.


The mini plastic fork allowed my fingers to stay clean and warm!

And next we have, of course, the Belgian gaufre, or waffle. These waffles are made from balls of sweet dough. The outside is firm and sticky, the inside sweet and chewy. As you can see, I had mine plain, though of course you can get it with all sorts of toppings, including Mikado style (chocolate sauce and whipped cream). Why they call it Mikado style I have no idea but must find out. Similar to crepes (which they call pancakes), these waffles are dessert pastries, not breakfast breads.


They are usually sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Here is an almondkoek, or an almondish pastry. I cannot for the life of me find almond croissants over here. It is evidentally an American thing.




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