Day 11, In Which I Go Up a Belltower

The belltower in Bruges is 366 steps to the top.


It's a carillon tower, actually.

I climbed every one of them.

And wouldn’t you know it?

The bells went off.

Thankfully, this was nothing compared to the terrifying Belltower Incident of 2003 (Cuernevaca, Mexico). A few carillon bells rang the half-hour. I still had time to see the view.


And what a view! That canal goes all the way to the sea!

I squinted, but I don’t think I saw Brussels, even with the handy indicator carved into the windowledge.


In the treasury about two hundred steps below, there were two old oaken chests that held the charter/constitutional sorts of laws and declarations. Each chest was blocked by two sets of iron gates, which were locked with ten separate locks.


Ten separate men held the keys, so no one could consult the papers without the other nine knowing. It evidently worked out fairly well.

All in all, it was a long wait, an expensive ticket, and a huff-and-puff to the top. But I’m glad I did it!


The Official Monument of Bruges


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