Day 10, in Which I Try All the Chocolate in Bruges

In consolation for the fact that I not only mised the entire World Series but will miss the Giants’ parade as well, I decided to go out, enjoy the day, and buy a few pieces of chocolate from every chocolate shop I saw.


After a mere three hours, I had to return to my room, having spent all but forty cents of my money for the day.

On. Belgian. Chocolate.

I now must go buy a tin to put them all in, because what a girl recovering from a cold (did I tell you I got a cold? Somewhere along the one hour train between Paris and Brussels I came down with a cold) does not need to do is eat a kilo of chocolate in one sitting.

One. Kilo.

But a little at a time is just the ticket! I’ll report back with my recommendations over the next week.

(And wouldn’t you know it? I found two more in the afternoon. Thank goodness they were closed.)


The most drool-inducing window display you have ever seen.


Standard window-case, from wall to wall.


The display shelves were held up by the chocolates themselves.


Okay, these aren't chocolates, they're cookies, but JUST LOOK AT THEM.


Fruit candies were also prevalent.


Pick a truffle, any truffle!


Why yes, those are giant bars of chocolate on the shelves.

Aaaaaaand. . .


My haul.

That’s right. In under three and a half hours (and a little over €30), I visited fourteen shops.

And I only walked this far:


That is not very far!

So. . . . Yeah. . . . Enjoy Bruges 🙂


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