No, I Have Not Lost a Gold Ring

Thanks to Rick Steves et al., I was alert when a woman tried to pull a scam on me.

Three times!

The first time, I was crossing a street when a woman bent down and said, in distraught tone, “Ah, madame, is this yours?” in French. I looked down just long enough to see a ring.

A large, gold, man’s ring.

“No,” was all I said as I brushed past. I wonder if she was trying to pull the ring scam on me, I thought. I mean, I don’t think I saw a ring on the ground before she picked it up, but I do miss things.

The ring scam is where someone “finds” a gold ring on the ground, “proves” to you it’s gold, and then tries to sell it to you.

Later that day, a different woman tries it.

With the same ring.

I don’t know why they don’t try it with a fake diamond ring. Then maybe I’d want it (though of course we all know I don’t like diamonds).

Anyway, this time I knew for sure there hadn’t been a ring there to begin with, because I had been there awhile and it was sunny and the ring would have been shiny.

Then yesterday a third woman tries it (again with the same ring!) and I saw her put it down to pick up.

I seriously don’t get how this could possibly be worthwhile.


One thought on “No, I Have Not Lost a Gold Ring

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