I Actually Eat at a Parisian Café

Thanks to wonderdurdul coincidence, my friend K. happens to have a friend A. who lives in Paris. Finally, after several years of K. exclaiming how we had never met, we did — for dinner!

We both decided we ought to eat outside at an authentic Parisian cafe since the weather was so nice, and it’s so hard to properly enjoy a meal outside a Parisian cafe by yourself. Plus, A. is fluent, so I didn’t have to guess at the menu!

I had the most delicious potage légumes (lentil soup) and actually ate the whole bowl, because we had such a delightful long time talking. Trés French! And to top it off, we each had a thé gormand.

A café (or, in our case thé) gormand is a cup of hot beverage and a collection of mini sweets.



There was a mini (silver-dollar) créme brulée, a mini cream-custard-thing wih rasberry sauce, an almond cake, a butter cookie, and whipped cream with almonds.


Me and my tray at a Parisian cafe

Evidently, such things are comon in Parisian cafes. Next time you’re here, try one!


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