Various Sweets Eaten While Walking

It is imperative to keep one’s energy up when traveling exciting places. This, according to our family, is done with sugar and/or caffeine. We call it the Disneyland Principle, and it allows for delicious days and early bedtimes. Here are a few of my favorite ambulatory fuels.


Why yes, I *am* wearing gloves.

Here is a scoop of blackberry and a scoop of chocolate glace in a sucre cornet from that famed Parisian ice creamerie, Berthillon. It was like extra creamy sorbet. I prefer mine (but French serving sizes).


A mini-pastry (cinnamon and raisins) from Ladurée. Need any more be said?


This delectable delight was carmello gelato from the,most popular Parisian gelateria, Amarino. The floral shape was easy to form and really fun to eat!


This almond-apricot tartlet was ingeniously wrapped (I attempted to take pictures) and a quite delicious (and “healthy”!) way to end the day in Bayeux.

What?! No crepes? Not yet, my friends, not yet. But there is still Belgium to come, so who knows what delicacies await?

There’s nothing wrong with well-paced food as long as it’s food, I say!


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