The Only Store Worth Stopping For on the Champs




My dear friend Sharyn asked me to keep an eye out for a place called Ladurée. I would have spotted it regardless, but I would not have paid such particular attention to it and decided to go inside without knowing I just had to describe it to her.


It's so Parisian!

If you have ever fantasized about Parisian pastry shoppes, (yes with the -pe), then you understand the heart palpitations of seeing dainty chocolates and pastries and tarts and cakes and macarons and ALL differently shaped and sized gold-emblazoned pastel boxes being efficiently packed by elegantly coiffed ladies.

I admit I rather paux‘d a faux and in my excitement was rather firmly told I was not to take pictures. I was slightly disgruntled — not even a s’il vous plaît! — but I didn’t let it stop me from waiting in line.

The chocolates were absurdly expensive, and I don’t really like macarons (even if they are made with finely ground California almond flour by the people who started this whole macaron craze), but their pastries were reasonable.

Are you ready?






Aaaaaaah! I know! Here’s a closer look.



Why yes, those are gold flakes on my truffle-adorned orange-chocolate tart.

Now, this is not the sort of place that hands you plastic cutlery* so I’ll just have to go about this…delicately.




A crumbly creamy cross-section

There is a delicate brownie crust containing bits of candied orange and a creamy custard-like chocolate filling topped with orange-chocolate ganache.

Best damn €5 ever spent.

I have promised A. to send her Girl Scout cookies…perhaps she can send me tarts?

*or napkins


5 thoughts on “The Only Store Worth Stopping For on the Champs

  1. Sharyn says:

    Oh Noelly! You captured it soooo well. I love the last picture best of all. Oh, my, is right!!! Laduree… gasp! Drooling from the other side of the pond!!!

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